Tourist stamp in Radotín

Radotín now has its very first tourist stamp in history. It premiered during this year’s Havelské posvícení street festival and is now available from set places.

“Demand for a souvenir of Radotín, through which an ever greater number of tourists pass, both on foot and mainly on bike, led to the decision to offer them a tourist stamp,” explains Mayor of Radotín Karel Hanzlík.

So what does the stamp look like?
The fundamental elements of the coat of arms of the City District of Prague 16 (an industrial cog and the River Berounka) form the central motif of the stamp, set into a long-shield crowned with the word RADOTÍN.

“The creation of the stamp was conditional on the fact that it cannot be mistaken for the stamp put on official documents and the stamps featuring the Radotín coat of arms already used,” says Ing. Pavel Jirásek, Secretary of the City District Authority for Prague 16. “And in contrast to classic tourist stamps, the stamp has considerably broader use and, above all, everyone can get a stamp free-of-charge.”

The tourist stamp of the City District of Prague 16

The sky-blue Radotín stamp first appeared at the town hall stall during the Havelské posvícení street festival, but can now be had from three places: the filing office (Podatelna) at the City District Authority for Prague 16 in the town hall building, at the Local Library in Radotín (Místní knihovna Radotín) and at the Sports Hall (Sportovní hala Radotín), where it will be until spring, before invariably moving to Biotop Radotín for the summer.

This means that anyone who wants to add a new motif to their collection of tourist stamps can now stop off in Prague-Radotín. 

Zveřejněno: 29.11.2016 – Jana Hejrová, DiS. ; Přečteno 1260 x