2017: More than 20 million to investments

This year, thanks to its past good management, Radotín’s self-government can use so far the highest amount for its own investment actions, and it wants to take the best advantage of the funds.

Besides the projects that will be gradually completed during the year (additional site for underground containers, reconstruction of the pavements on Osvoboditelů Square, Place by the River II), other large construction projects are planned for public space.

The budget approved at the December meeting of the Assembly of the City District of Prague 16 had earmarked so far the largest volume of the City District’s own investment funds for this year: more than CZK 20 million.

It was at the very first January meeting of the Prague 16 City District Council that a contract for work was approved within competitive tendering for preparation of the project documentation for the “Loučanská Primary School – incorporation of the school hall in the atrium of the primary school building” project. The project will be implemented by Radotín’s company Czech Consult, spol. s r. o., based on a study by Ing. arch. Borek Strádal. The construction should start at the moment when the school is empty – i.e. during the summer holiday. A more detailed description of further capacity expansion of the primary school was published in the January newspaper, so here’s only a brief summary: given the fact that an EU subsidy was obtained for the existing construction of another floor above the school workshop building, the Capital of Prague approved transfer of the allocated funds for the conversion of the unused atrium between the lockers and the gym into roofed multifunctional space. This will provide both a larger hall for meetings and cultural events, and a new staffroom. The premises of the existing staffroom will not only be turned into space for another classroom, but the project will also involve extension above the lockers of the school canteen, where a room for the school’s first stage teachers will be created. Overall, these changes will increase the capacity of the school by an additional sixty seats, which should cover the expected further increase in the number of Radotín’ schoolchildren in the coming years.

In the second half of the year, construction of a new firehouse for the Radotín Volunteer Fire Brigade (JSDH) should be commenced; the project will begin by demolition. The building is planned to replace the temporary building of the former nursery, called “a wooden cabin”. However, its demolition will not start until the transfer of the remaining third of the building from the Office for Representation of Government in Property Affairs to the City District has been entered in the Land Registry. The transfer of the two-thirds share owned by the Capital was conducted in April 2016, following the allocation of a subsidy under the programme for municipalities’ Volunteer Fire Brigades (SDH) announced by the Czech Republic, amounting to CZK 24.8 million (the remaining CZK 4.9 million will be obtained from the budget of the City District of Prague 16). The documentation for building permit is being prepared by Bomart s.r.o. The new firehouse with access directly to Karlická Street will replace the unsatisfactory premises in the former farm in the courtyard behind the “U Koruny” house, currently used by volunteer firefighters.

After protracted negotiations, a significant special-purpose investment in the amount of CZK 28 million was obtained to construct flood control measures in the Šárovo kolo area. After the current wall is removed, networks relocated and a sewerage system constructed, a concrete wall with a height of up to 1.5 metres with entries for driveways will be replace the garden fence facing the river. 

The City District will also continue to insulate its buildings, focusing on social agenda building No. 732/7 on Osvoboditelů Square. Based on a subsidy obtained from the State Environmental Fund in November last year, it has been possible to announce competitive tendering for the contractor. The facade will be insulated, new windows will be installed in places where they have not been replaced yet, the ceiling of the first floor will be insulated, and new tinsmith elements – drainpipes, window sills and a connection of the roof over the entrance – will also be installed.

Further investment is planned – in the gradual purchase of land for further construction of flood control measures or in other security measures in transport. Furthermore, renewal of the water mains in Chatová Street is being prepared, including a current building permit procedure, and the stairs to the bus stop in Karlická Street will be repaired.

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