Construction of the Swimming Pool in Full Swing. But How to Get to the Biotope?

The work on the construction of an indoor swimming pool in the Radotín elementary school is in full progress. But like every construction, also this one affects the traffic and especially parking in the nearest vicinity of the biotope area.

At the beginning of May, the No entry sign in the K Lázním Street was moved to the corner of the school garden, to the park on the former MDD square. Only local residents having the approval of the metropolitan district, holders of a parking cards for the disabled and, of course, the vehicles of both construction sites may drive further. There is still ongoing work on the school hall, which should be completed by the end of this school year.

Tabule ve Výpadové ulici napoví, kde parkovat. Na Biotopu letos nezaparkujete. 3.5.2018

The deadline for the construction of the swimming pool is the last day of this calendar year – the changed traffic regime in the K Lázním street should be in existence for the same time. Besides the above-mentioned No entry, this also means limited parking at the Beach arena. Parking spaces for disabled people and administrators of adjacent sports facilities remained right in front of the bar. The places in front of the entry to the original biotope parking area are currently cancelled – so that construction machines can drive out from the site.

We therefore ask visitors of the biotope to use the parking lots behind the sports hall and at the "U Ondřeje" bistro. From both places you can comfortably reach the biotope on foot within ten minutes. In addition, the metropolitan district has established a strip of parking area in the Ke Zděři street along the road. Up to 60 vehicles can park here.

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