Revitalisation continues down by the river

Radotín town hall is making improvements to another part of the waterfront area by the River Berounka in Radotín. Building work will loosely follow on from the Place by the River (Místo u řeky) project, which was completed last year.

Construction company EKIS, spol. s r. o., the winner of a tender to find a contractor for the work, took charge of the site on 24th October, with the fact that work in the surroundings of Radotín Stream (Radotínský potok) must be completed by the end of the year. Building work will cost 900 thousand Czech crowns (not including VAT), with funds coming from the Prague 16 town hall budget.

The district of Radotín around the River Berounka is part of the old residential core. The transformation from a village to the town way of life is accompanied, as it always has been, by the transformation of natural banks into waterfront areas. For this reason, the City District of Prague 16 decided to revitalise another area of the Place by the River that follows on from this. The aim of this reconstruction work is to promote relationships between the people that live here and the water, to broaden the choice of passive recreational activities on offer and to take them to the very edge of the water.

Blíže nespecifikovaný obrázek“The river is an integral part of our lives in Radotín, but we currently have almost no opportunities to reach it, to get close to it to spend our time here. We want to change that,” says Mgr. Miroslav Knotek, Deputy Mayor of the City District of Prague 16, in describing the current situation. “The idea of gradually upgrading the banks of the Berounka River was born when the first study into the Place by the River project had come to an end. As soon as ownership issues in the area of the former horticulture centre have been resolved with the State Land Office (Státní pozemkový úřad), we will continue with the next stage – against the flow of the river towards Biotop,” adds Knotek.

Visualisation of the Place by the River (Místo u řeky) project

Visualisation of the Place by the River (Místo u řeky) project.Access to the water will be provided by a new multi-level terrace, which at the higher level begins at the bay with a bench on the cycling path, continues over the stairway and stair seating to the terrace at the lower level and merges into a natural path at different levels (leading to the newly-reinforced edge of the bank).

The construction of a steel terrace covered in planed wooden boards will continue on from bay, this to be supplied by building company Albet stavební, s. r. o. The terrace structure, of around 8 x 4.5 metres in size, will be set in above the old, concrete bank navigation building, which has long ceased fulfilling this role and which is unattractive. This will partly cover it. A path with 12 granite stones of irregular shape that allow direct access to the edge of the river and to the river itself is another dominant feature.

The place behind the footbridge over Radotín Stream is designed as a meadow for relaxation with a bench.

The bank was cleared of naturally spreading wood species by the end of October (the work done by Technical Services Prague – Radotín [Technické služby Praha – Radotín]) from Bistro “U Ondřeje” to the places at which Radotín Stream flows into the River Berounka.

The project as a whole is accompanied by information panels devoted to the history of the River Berounka, the Radotín ferry and floods.

Before the Reconstruction. View to the Radotín Bridge, 24.10.2016
Zveřejněno: 22.11.2016 – Jana Hejrová, DiS. ; Přečteno 2039 x