Swimming pool open to the public

Radotín swimming pool opened its doors for the first time on Friday 17 May, the first visitors being primary school children. The pool then opened to the public at 3:00 p.m. on Monday 20 May. The standard admission price is CZK 100 per hour. 

We had a few questions for Deputy Mayor of Radotín Miroslav Knotek, who readied the entire swimming pool project and was in charge of its construction.

First swimmers

The pool was supposed to open at the beginning of May. Why the delay in opening? 

The swimming pool building was handed over to us at the end of March and an occupancy approval inspection was carried out on 23 April. Unfortunately, representatives of the Hygienic Station of the City of Prague were not in attendance and we were unable to put the pool into service without this licence. We were repeatedly told that the Hygienic Station worker was ill and that there was nobody else to issue the decision. For this reason the Hygienic Station representative did not come to visit the pool until Tuesday 14 May.

What is the operating plan from now? 

Trial operation began on 17 May and will continue into the middle of June. The pool will be reserved for pupils from primary schools and kindergartens in the morning, before opening to the public in the afternoon. The pool will then close. We have a ceremonial opening planned for September, when the pool will be open according to a fixed schedule.

What about the admission price? 

The standard admission price is CZK 100 per hour. Children to the age of 10, senior citizens and physically disabled persons will get in cheaper. We will also have family admission and passes, in full operation from September onwards.

Will there be any swimming classes for the public? 

There will indeed. We have reached an agreement with Betynka Swim School, which will provide lessons to swimmers from Radotín primary school, those interested from other schools and the general public.

How much did it all cost? 

CZK 103 million including VAT, coming from the budget of the City of Prague and the City District of Prague 16.

Has everything now been built? 

The pool itself is ready, as are the technological facilities. We will finish off the restaurant on the first floor of the building during the summer.

How many people can the pool hold? 

The project capacity is 93 people. We will test this during trial operation, but we can confirm that this figure will be lower, to make swimming more comfortable. The ideal capacity per hour will emerge from trial operation.

Tell us everything we will find in the pool. 

You can look forward to four race lanes of 25 metres in length and one relaxation lane, a whirlpool, a paddling pool for children and a steam sauna. The water is between 160 and 130 cm in depth, 130 cm in the relaxation lane. The temperature of the water will be 28 degrees in the pool, 36 degrees in the whirlpool and 32 degrees in the paddling pool.

You can find everything you need to know about prices and opening times at the Biotop Radotín website.

More photos can be found in the photo gallery.

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