The Word from the Mayor

The first days of 2017 are behind us and many of us have begun the New Year full of the resolutions and objectives that we set at the end of last year. I hope that the New Year, with its lucky 7 at the end, will be a successful one on all fronts for each and every one of us. 

I also hope that all city districts within the administrative district of Prague 16 and their representatives are able to carry through and arrange a great many necessary and good things for the people here. 

From the perspective of Radotín Town Hall, I can begin this year with several items of good news. The first is that our excellent economic management for many years now means that we have in the budget approved at the December sitting of the Assembly of the City District of Prague 16 the highest level of our own investment funds in history, more than 20 million crowns in fact. The volume of investment means that we will be able to, for example, continue in insulating buildings within the city district, purchase important plots of land, for example to continue building anti-flood measures, deal with other safety measures in transport and provide the required additional finances for projects for which we have received or will receive funding from the City of Prague or the State. 

Already now I am able to write about three major operations of significance for which we in Radotín have managed to obtain special-purpose funding. The first is the construction of a new fire station to replace the existing station within the inner courtyard behind the Koruna culture centre, which by modern standards is an entirely unsatisfactory building for volunteer fire-fighters; this should go ahead in the final quarter of the year. 

Secondly, work on further increasing the capacity of the primary school in Loučanská Street will get underway during the summer holidays. A multi-purpose assembly hall will be constructed and other building improvements made as part of the development concept for the “junior high” complex (grades 6 through 9). This will increase the capacity by a further sixty places and two new areas for actual teaching. This step should entirely resolve the future in terms of securing places for pupils in Radotín. 

After lengthy efforts, the City District of Prague 16 received important special-purpose funding of CZK 28 million to commence work on building a new anti-flood wall at the locality of Šárovo kolo at the end of last year. This is dimensioned to protect local inhabitants and their property against fifty-year floods, with a reserve for even higher flows of water. Work also involves demolishing the current embankment, which has long ceased to fulfil its function. New rainwater drainage will be built as part of the work and the road and pavement structure will be widened. The building of a pavement will protect pedestrians from collision risks with cars and with cyclists on the frequented cycle path that runs this way. I am sure that the people at Šárovo kolo will live with greater peace of mind after work has been completed. Special-purpose funding of CZK 63 million has been secured for and is tied to the three operations in question. 

We intensified negotiations with the Department of Technical Facilities of the City of Prague regarding the further continuation of building technical amenities (sewage system, gasification) in the second half of 2016. The fact that nothing has happened in Radotín in this regard for more than two years and we still have areas that are not connected to modern infrastructure is a matter of great concern to us here at Town Hall. Documentation is currently being completed for the selection of a contractor of building work in Zderazská Street and in the remainder of Otínská Street and Lošetická Street and I believe and will do all I can to ensure that the City of Prague contracts out this building work as soon as possible so that it can get underway this year. I hope I will be able to provide you with some positive news on this matter in the near future.

Mgr. Karel Hanzlík
The Mayor of the City District of Prague 16

In the department:Town Council
Function:The Mayor of the City District of Prague 16
Member of Party:Civic Democratic Party/ Občanská demokratická strana
Workplace:Václava Balého 23/3, 153 00 Prague 5 - Radotín
Room:Nr. 12 on the 1st floor
Phone:234 128 101
Fax:234 128 105

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