The City District of Prague 16

The Capital City of Prague is currently divided into 22 administrative districts and 57 city districts. The City District of Prague 16 is one such city district, whilst at the same time being the headquarters of an administrative district.

The administrative district of Prague 16 encompasses the city districts of Prague 16, Prague – LipencePrague – Lochkov, Prague – Velká Chuchle and Prague – Zbraslav.

The City District of Prague 16 is located on the left bank of the River Berounka not far from the point at which it joins the River Vltava on the south-west outskirts of Prague. It covers a total of 931 hectares and, according to information from the Czech Statistical Office, was home to 8,320 inhabitants on 31 December 2015.

Radotín neighbours the city districts of Prague – Lipence, Prague – Zbraslav, Prague – Velká Chuchle, Prague – Lochkov, Prague – Slivenec and Prague – Řeporyje and the municipalities of Kosoř and Černošice.

Capital City of Prague

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