The fourth season at Biotop has been launched

Biotop in Radotín officially welcomed its first visitors of the 2017 season on Saturday 13 May when a fun afternoon was held at the swimming pool that included the ceremonial unlocking of the water surface.

The water surface was symbolically opened by the Mayor of Radotín Karel Hanzlík and his deputy Miroslav Knotek. For this important task they also invited one of the guests on the music programme, Vilda Čok. And it was unlocked, how else other than with the key to the gates of Radotín. 😊

Slavnostní odemknutí hladiny Biotopu Radotín, 13.5.2017.
The Mayor of Radotín Karel Hanzlík, Vilda Čok and Miroslav Knotek symbolically opened the water surface of Biotop Radotín.

The event was organised by Radotín Community Service in cooperation with Prague 16 District and a number of sports and leisure clubs and companies in Radotín and the surrounding area.

The entertaining afternoon was attended by a number of visitors who were able to try out the various attractions and listen to some great music from the bands Nolem, Old Galaxy D. and Bypass with Vilém Čok. 

What new features can you look forward to at Biotop?
According to Jan Barák, the director of Radotín Community Service, you will find three new places for outdoor showers, willow umbrellas and, for our youngest visitors, live lambs!

New willow umbrellas at the Biotop Radotín
New willow umbrellas at the Biotop Radotín 

Admission can now be paid by credit card which can also be used to pay in the bistro.

Alea iacta est (Latin for The die is cast) – for Radotín’s Biotop this is especially true. The grounds are ready, the season has begun and now you can come swimming here. The complex is open during the week from 10 am to 6 pm, and on Saturday and Sunday from 9 am to 8 pm.

But the opening hours may change due to the weather – so check on the Biotop Radotín facebook page before coming.

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Zveřejněno: 23.06.2017 – Jana Hejrová, DiS. ; Přečteno 1525 x