• Radotín and COVID-19

    17.06.2020 / Since 10 March 2020, the Czech government has been announcing one restriction after another as a reaction to the occurrence of COVID-19, from school closures, restrictions of movement, to the duty to wear face masks. What is the current situation (as of 15 June 2020)?
  • How to handle a face mask

    20.04.2020 / Tutorials for using a face mask in different languages
  • The municipal office is increasing its services from 20 April

    20.04.2020 / Radotín Town Hall, which is fully functioning during the state of emergency, is opening all its workplaces from 20 April. However, based on the recommendation of the Czech Ministry of Health, there will be special procedures in place and increased hygienic conditions.
  • Traffic restrictions to optimise the railway are beginning

    26.02.2020 / On March 9, the underpass under the railway bridge in Karlická Street in Radotín will close. The main thoroughfare through Radotín will therefore be closed until 10 December 2020. The restrictions are due to the construction of the “Optimisation of the Prague-Smíchov - Černošice line”.
  • The clear-out has begun at Koruna

    26.02.2020 / This year and next year a big change will be made to Radotín’s cultural amenities. The inner courtyard behind Koruna will be transformed into a cultural and community centre, which will not only become a meeting place, but there will also be a project to house and expand the Klement Slavický Elementary Art School, the Halfway House and the Czech Police.